Amazon Hiring


  • Sectors Ecommerce

Company Description

Amazon Hiring creates web and mobile experiences for sellers, buyers, and customers. At a strategic level, the team shapes product direction, defines critical product features, and engineers distinctive solutions that help our business succeed. Our customer-first approach is driving our growth and success. In just four years, we’ve expanded to over 100 million products in hundreds of categories.

We are rethinking e-commerce from a -first perspective and solving unique problems such as organizing sellers and selection, regional discovery, mobile access across spotty networks and low-end devices, friction-free and highly reliable payments, ultra-fast delivery for hyper-local commerce, advertising, and more. Amazon Hiring’s engineers design and operate full-stack products and services using Machine Learning, AWS, Big Data, and consumer and seller experience management.

We will continue to strive to become a trusted and meaningful sales and logistical channel for retailers of all sizes and a fast, dependable, and convenient online shopping destination for customers. For us, it’s always “Day 1” and we’re devoted to aggressively investing throughout time and persistently focusing on improving customer experience.

This is a terrific chance to develop at scale on unique unresolved challenges, be part of Amazon Hiring’s dynamic and fast-growing global business, and experience a start-up culture within a giant corporation.

We provide the chance to work with elite talent that thrives on persistent innovation, cutting-edge technologies, and e-commerce knowledge. You will help Amazon Hiring succeed in a promising new industry by influencing the ecosystem of suppliers, buyers, and customers.