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Job Description

We have a remote role available on our team and are looking for a licensed pharmacist to fill it. You will be responsible for providing pharmaceutical care and support to our patients and other healthcare practitioners through the use of telecommunication and digital platforms in your role as a remote pharmacist. With this position, you will have the freedom to work from the convenience of your own home while still having a significant influence on the health of patients.

Principal Duties and Obligations:

Review of Medications and Patient Consultation:

  • Examine and assess the prescription orders to ensure that they are accurate and suitable.
  • Carry out in-depth reviews of the patient’s medications and offer counseling to the patients regarding the appropriate use of their medications, potential adverse effects, and drug interactions.
  • Work together with the people providing your healthcare to achieve the best possible drug therapy.

Administration of Medications:

  • Through the use of telehealth platforms, keep track of a patient’s medication compliance and outcomes.
  • Make any required changes to treatment regimens in order to maintain patient safety and maximize clinical benefit.

Education of the Patient:

  • Patient education should focus on disease management, changes in lifestyle, and techniques for remaining compliant with medication.
  • Provide information to patients about their medicines and listen to their worries about their health.

Responsibility for Compliance and Observance of Regulations:

  • Always make sure you have a solid understanding of the federal and state regulations that apply to pharmacies.
  • Ensure that all legal requirements are met, and keep the patient’s information confidential at all times.

Collaboration from a Distance:

  • Collaborate closely with a group of healthcare professionals, including as physicians, nurses, and pharmacy technicians, using various digital communication technologies to facilitate this process.
  • Take part in regular teleconferences and meetings to discuss the cases of individual patients and the treatment plans being developed for them.

The Maintenance of Documentation and Records:

  • It is important to keep patient records, including drug profiles and counseling notes, in an accurate and up-to-date manner.
  • Maintain documentation of all interventions and results pertaining to pharmaceutical therapy.

Learning That Never Stops:

  • Maintaining a current knowledge of the most recent advancements in pharmacy practice and healthcare will allow you to give the highest possible level of care to your patients.
  • Participate in programs that offer continuous education and meet the requirements for maintaining your license.


  • a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) degree earned from a pharmacy program that has been accredited.
  • license to practice pharmacy that is current and unrestricted in the state (or states) where the services are given.
  • Prior experience working as a pharmacist, ideally in a clinical or telepharmacy environment, is required.
  • Effective communication and the ability to interact well with others.
  • Capability to function both individually and as a member of a healthcare team that is located remotely.
  • Skill in telemedicine and other forms of digital and electronic communication.
  • A familiarity with the software used in pharmacies and electronic health records (EHR) systems.

Benefits :

  • A benefits package and salary that are competitive.
  • The flexibility of working from home.
  • Possibilities for furthering one’s professional development and acquiring additional knowledge.
  • Contribution made from a remote location to the overall improvement of patient health and results.


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