What is the purpose of HR interview questions and how to answer them?

What is the HR interview questions

If you are a fresher just out of college, you might have heard during your studies or somewhere else around about one of the most important interview processes called HR round. If you are an experienced professional of any field, while preparing for your job interviews – sometimes you might have puzzled, what is the purpose of HR interview questions? Of course, there are some important factors behind this interview process. In this article, you would be delivered with what is meant by HR interview, why HR interview questions are asked and how to answer them.

What is the purpose of HR interview questions

The HR interview questions majorly focused to measure human behavioral traits which aligned with the company’s objectives. For example, if you are running a software company, and you need some manpower for your projects, of course, you need human capital with technical competencies.  But what if, your employee with good technical skills but doesn’t have a cultural fit, professional ethics and good attitude.  With these negative aspects, an employee cannot contribute well to the company. Ultimately this will end up with nothing but create a bad impression on your organization.

This is where HR interview questions play a vital role by screening the candidate’s core personal values by asking various HR interview questions.

Same way, every company conducts an HR interview round to gauge candidate’s capabilities by asking questions related to personality, strengths, weaknesses and background. So, you should be well prepared according to the requirements in terms of technical and HR questions as well.

Keep in mind

Align your mind and gather what are your best behavioral skills as an individual and check them how they fit with the position you apply. For example, if you applied for a sales position, the key skill is being patient. At an HR interview, you may confront a question or a situation related to evaluate your patient level. Be confident on your answer because a lazy answer may end up an unfavorable interview result.

HR interview questions and answers (and why are they asked)?

Here we have some of the important questions that are frequent asked in the HR interview rounds.

Tell me about yourself?

This is one of the frequently and a basic interview questions asked in the HR interview round.

The purpose of this question is to measure what YOU KNOW about YOU and how do you describe them to the interviewer.

In this basic question itself, you are explaining to the interviewer about your personal life, your education, your experience, and your communication skills.  As this question would be mostly asked at first in an interview, you must be cautioned to know how to start.  Because that leaves an impression for the rest of the interview

Sample answer

First of all, thanks for the opportunity for shortlisting me as one of the successful candidates for attending an interview with this esteemed organization.

I am from xyz city and my father is a businessman for almost four decades in this city. And my mother is a homemaker. I am the only son to my parents.  I completed my graduation for the year of xyz.  I was placed by the xyz company through campus hiring at my college. Since then, I have been working xyz company for 3 years as a software engineer.  I am proficient in all the basic programming languages that are required for this position.  I have also earned the best performer award in my present employment for or the period of ____.

I am a good communicator, team player, and hard worker. also a quick learner who could work for a better result for the company. Music listening and reading books are my hobbies.

Why do you need this job?

One of the main focus in an HR interview is to check your commitment level to the job. This question is mostly asked to validate your job commitment. Be clear about why do you need this job. Explain the passion you have with the profession and your future goals. Remember, the answers are not going off the company requirements.

Sample answer

I have been closely observing job openings at your company for a while matching my profile. Because, in my research I come to know that your company is an industry leader and you offer higher growth ratio for the hardworking employees. And, I am confident that am perfect fit for your requirements at all your job criteria. I am also looking for such an opportunity to prove my abilities and this is undoubtedly the right place for me.

How would you grade yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?

This question is asked at an HR interview to validate your analytical thinking and your polite answer is the key. It is believed that one who self-analyze could possibly analyze better things around.  Genuinely expose your analytical skills. Your answer should be convincing to the interviewer. Don’t be too smart that may eventually leave a feel that you are over-confident.

Sample answer

“I would give different grades on myself for a different portion of my abilities. First, on my attitude, I rate myself as 9 because this is what I feel as my strength. And, my positive attitude always helps me to have a good people around me.  Two, I rate myself as 8 as far as hard work is concerned because there should always be a room to rise our skills which will create a consciousness in learning the things. Three, when it comes to core technical knowledge, I rate myself as 9 because that’s the confident brought me here to attend this interview. Four, when it comes to learning part, I rate me as 6, why it is low because there is always something to learn. I can’t grow, If I am satisfied in learning”.

What is your life goal at your profession?

These types of HR interview questions are asked to understand your sustainability with the profession and for the company. Because, many candidates used to answer this question off the industry. For example, if your life goal is to become an entrepreneur in another field but you are attending an interview for a sales position at a company. You shouldn’t directly say that “I want to become an entrepreneur”. This answer has no use to the interviewer. They may think that you will leave the company at any time when you get an opportunity for entrepreneurship. This is not good. So, what should you answer this HR interview question? check below for a sample answers that will help you to design your own.

Sample answer

I love the sales profession, that’s why I am here and giving my interview with this valued organization. first of all, I wanted to achieve as a good salesperson in this company. That’s my short-term goal and I wanted to get into a higher-level position in this company itself. At the same time, I have an idea to start my entrepreneurial journey but that’s after some years. Because to reach that level I need a lot of professional experience and money. I believe my stay and contribution to this company would help me to reach my entrepreneurship dream too. 

You see this answer fits for the benefit of the company also you are sharing your long-term life goal. This means you are creating a positive connection with the employer.

What are your strengths?

This is one of the common questions you have to deal in most of the HR interview rounds. This question is usually mandatory for entry-level applicants. Even senior-level also have to handle this question that’s up to the interviewer. The reason behind this question is to understand and how confident you are with your skills and abilities. Tell the strengths that you really feel as a gift and also check whether those strengths are needed for the position. Avoid something irrelevant to the company or the position.

For example, you are applying for a software engineer position in a multinational company as a fresher. First, you should go through the job description thoroughly. This will help you to know what the employer is looking for from you. Note down the key skills they mentioned and highlighting them as your strengths. This trick will give you a remarkable interview outcome.

Sample answer

My strengths, I would say that I am a fast learner, a good communicator, a very good listener, and an excellent team player. On the technical part, I would say my strengths are I have excellent knowledge in basic computer programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, JS, HTML CSS, etc.

What are your weaknesses?

This is an opposite side of the previous interview question: what are your strengths? You have to be genuine because there is no person without weakness. The purpose of this question is to know how do you consider weaknesses and what are your steps to overcome them. Your answer must be convincing as well as leave a good impression upon you. The point is turning your weakness into strength.

For example, you are a talkative person and consider that as your weakness. The positive side of being a talkative person is more welcome for some professions like marketing, sales, teaching, etc. Your focus answer should be turning your weakness into a strength by undergoing some training or counseling with some experts.

Sample answer

I was so talkative person and this tendency disturbing me a lot because whenever I see a new person at a party or in a public place I can’t stop talking. This habit of mine made others irritating sometimes. I owe to correct this habit. Now, I am going some online training for that.  My tutor gives me wonderful trainings on how I should talk moderately and have a meaningful conversation with others.

Now I observe, that results to make a lasting relationship with others. I also read some self-help books to correct this weakness.  One of the best books I ever read is “how to win friends and influence people” You see! with this simple answer you covered many areas of your greatness. 1) you answered the weakness, 2) your problem-solving abilities, 3) your book reading habit. Now, the objective to turn the weakness into strength is achieved.

What drives you as a professional?

This is one of the beautiful HR interview questions and you should answer it smartly. The target of this question is to check your mindset. Specifically, how would you think and react when that is a shortfall or failure. 

Sample answer

“My passion towards this profession drives me every day because I feel every day is an opportunity to learn something new. I believe every tough time gives me the experience to handle things in a better way now or later. So, I am never hesitant to keep away from challenges rather I confront them boldly and give my best shot”

Frequently asked HR interview questions for freshers

  1. Share your knowledge about our organization?
  2. What do you want to achieve in five years in your career?
  3. How do you solve disagreement among teammates?
  4. What were your great leanings in your school or at college?
  5. How do you know you are the best fit for this job?
  6. Have you ever led a team?
  7. Who is your role model and why?
  8. How do you describe a perfect employee?
  9. Describe the best team?
  10. As a person, what are your hobbies and interests?
  11. What is your passionate profession?
  12. Give us some reasons, why should we hire you?
  13. Tell us some interesting current affairs?
  14. What is the difference between group and team?
  15. How do you motivate others?
  16. Tell us about your day-to-day activities
  17. What is your plan of action if hired?
  18. What skills required for this position

Final thoughts

In this article we furnished the details what should you prepare for the HR interview and pass. Every HR interview question has its own purpose to obtain the candidate’s competencies. Use these insights to frame your answers and deliver them with confident.

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